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Welcome to the Red Shark Minis license catalog!

Here, you can find every artist that Red Shark Minis represents and has a commercial license for.

Representing over 80 artist licenses!

Cosmic Blade Games represents Red Shark Minis in 3D printing these designs for the hobbyists and artists of Japan!


Due to the large number of licenses and designs to choose from, we have have organized every artist into banners that are linked to that artist's MyMiniFactory page which shows all of that artist's designs we can print!


These banners were then organized into carousels, one for each genre of design that hobbyists are familiar with in wargaming, scale modeling and miniature art!


How do I use this catalog? How do I request an order?

Due to the ever-growing, vast variety of designs held within each license,

we are faced with a unique challenge in choosing what designs it makes available on our online webstore.

It goes without saying that we will do our very best to find and introduce you to the best designs out there. However, we need your help!

That's where this catalog comes in!

Here's how it works:
    1. Look through the banners in the carousels below. Each banner is the name and profile picture of a 3D artist.
    2. Choose an artist. Clicking on a banner will open a new browser tab to that artist's MyMiniFactory page.

      Here, we chose "Dragon Trappers Lodge".

    3.  Find a design you like. By clicking a thumbnail of design, you can see more detailed information and sometimes more pictures of the designs here. WARNING: MyMiniFactory  is not associated with Cosmic Blade Games. They do not sell miniatures here. They sell STL files for 3D printing. MyMiniFactory facilitates organizing and archiving most of the files of the artists we represent. You DO NOT need to purchase files from here as we hold the commercial rights to sell you the complete 3D printed objects.

      Let's check out these... Coconut people?! 😮

      Oh look! He must be the leader!

    4. Find which designs you are interested in purchasing from us and do one of the following:
      • Keep an open tab with each design you are interested in. This is to copy and paste the URL of each design to us.
      • Copy and Paste the URL(s) of designs(s) you are interested in into a list.
      • Take screenshots on your phone or tablet of the designs you are interested, but make sure the pictures include the NAME OF THE FILE.

        An army of coconut people?! We can do it for you!

    5. Contact Cosmic Blade Games using any of the methods shown BELOW THE CATALOG. NOTE: Please allow up to 48 business hours for a reply. Current business hours can be seen at the bottom of this catalog, near the logo. Share all the designs you have found and we will continue from there to create your order!
What happens after I make request?

There are 5 stages of a catalog request order:

  • Order request (described earlier in detail)
  • Invoice creation & payment
  • Printing
  • Packing & Preparation
  • Shipping & Delivery

Order request: After you have told us which files you are interested in, you will be placed on a queue and asked to wait until we can examine files of the designs you requested.

Invoice creation & payment: When we contact you again, we will tell price of printing each design. From there, we can create an invoice for what you would like to purchase, plus any additional items, such as bases, hobby supplies, or other accessories. After the invoice is created, it will remain valid for 30 days from the time of its creation.  NOTE: We can edit the invoice and we can also cancel the invoice. You are not required to pay if you decide you don't wish to order at this point. 

Printing: Once the invoice has been paid, your order is put into a queue where all orders are printed in the order in which paid invoices are received. The time required to print an order depends on the size and complexity of the order. The time required varies greatly. In some cases, we may suggest splitting up orders into multiple invoices in the case of exceptionally large or complex orders.

Packing and preparation: Once everything on your invoice is printed, we will inspect everything quickly to the best of our ability to check for any flaws. If we find a flaw, you will be informed. Typically, we will reprint the flawed product immediately after informing you. However, in rare cases, the file or design is flawed in such a way that makes giving you a quality product impossible. In such cases, a refund will be issued. After your order is fully printed, it is washed, cured, dried and then cleaned. We then carefully pack your order using tape, small plastic bags, packing foam, bubble wrap and recycled materials. Resin-printed designs often have fragile parts or details, so we often have to wrap them by hand and in many creative and eco-friendly ways. For example, we will often tape pieces of packing foam directly onto the object to protect it in a logical way. This may not be the most beautiful way to pack your product, but it is low cost and good for the environment. We hope you understand!

Shipping & Delivery: The moment your order has been handed off to JP post (More services will be added in the future), you will be informed. We ship from southern Osaka prefecture and shipping times vary based on your distance from us. Once you receive your order, please check the contents of your package slowly and carefully and let us know what you think! If you notice a problem with your order or you are not satisfied, do not hesitate to let us know. We offer up to 30 days of aftersales service on your order! You are entitled to limited reprints of flawed products or products broken during shipping. Exchanges or refunds are something we do, but are rare and not guaranteed. Please read the next section of this ordering guide. ↓

What are the rules and limitations of this service?

#1 - Time:

The core limitation of Cosmic Blade Games is time and that is largely due to the current nature of our business. We are ー First and foremost ー a commission order service. For now, Cosmic Blade Games is independently operated and every order takes a set amount of time to produce and a limited number of orders can be worked on at once. Here is an average time estimation break down of the steps taken to complete an order (of average size and complexity), as previously described:

  • Order request: 1 hour - 2 business days to answer you and assess the request.
  • Invoice creation & payment: Within 1 business day of payment.
  • Printing: 3 - 14 business days depending on current size of the order queue. MAX 30 days after paid invoice confirmation. If we estimate that your wait would take longer than 30 days, no invoice will be offered and you will be placed on an order waitlist. (Subject to change as our company grows its production capabilities.)
  • Packing & Preparation: 1 to 2 business days typically. In rare cases it could take an additional business day. During late spring and summer, an additional day is needed when humidity levels are elevated. (NOTE: If you are ordering only plastic printed products, this does not affect your order. Only resin printed products)
  • Shipping & Delivery: Refer to average shipping times based on JP Post's estimations for packages sent from Osaka.

#2 - Design quality and scaling limitations:

What do we mean by this? The limitations we are referring to are rather complex and differ between each order and the needs of each customer. For now, we will keep it simple:

  • Design quality: Simply put, Not all designs in this catalog are created equally. Occasionally, during the order request process, examining the designs that interest you, we will find ー for one reason or multiple reasons ー that the requested design is either/both A) of a subpar quality AND/OR B) Actually unprintable. If a design is found to have such concerns in quality, you will be informed before an invoice is created. Together, we will find a solution in modifying your request or suggesting an alternate design.
  •  Scaling limitations: In creating orders, one of the most important concerns when requesting designs being considered ー with diorama or wargaming miniatures and terrain in particular ー is size and scale. When you request a design, you will be informed of the designs original size or recommended scale. You are welcome to request a different size or scale than what the design was made as or for. However...
    • A) Requesting a larger scale:  This is often totally fine, however, the cost of the product will increase equal to the increase in volume. We are also limited by the size of our printers (Example: With resin printed products, we can print something about the size of a Rugby ball as one piece, but its often VERY expensive)
    • B) Requesting a smaller scale: In most cases, we usually recommend against doing this with designs meant for resin printing. A design is usually engineered to print at a particular size and scale. This problem is often a concern when scaling miniatures for wargaming. As a general rule, scaling between 28mm and 35mm scales is often doable. Scaling down to 25mm from 30mm or 32mm, although technically doable, often comes with a warning to our customers as this often significantly reduces the quality of the product or significantly increases the fragility of the miniature in question, sometimes to the point of being unprintable. Here at Cosmic Blade Games, we are dedicated to giving you quality models at the scale you prefer. We will do our absolute best to give you miniatures that are designed in the scale you request. If you have scale-based needs with miniatures you are looking for, please let us know and we will be happy to find the perfect miniature for you!

#3 - Differences in copyright law:

This is important to understand while looking through our catalog. We cannot make exceptions or sidestep copyright law as they are here in Japan.

Every artist we represent, as shown in this catalog lives in a different country. Naturally, they are subject to different copyright laws and legal exceptions to said laws. Given that, you will come across some designs in our catalog that we are not allowed to sell here in Japan.

If such requests are made, by law, we are required to refuse the sale. We won't even download or examine the file. 

We must follow the laws of Japan to maintain our business here. 

 We apologize if this warning comes off as harsh, but rules are rules and laws are laws. As usual, after refusing any requests, we will always suggest something else to suit your needs!


🏯=Terrain/Scenery・テレイン/ジオラマ (Contains terrain・テレインが入っています。)

🎨=Artistic・芸実的 (Contains designs meant moreso for art, not wargaming・デザインズがウォーゲームよりアートホビーの作用です。)

🏈= Fantasy Sports・スポーツ (Contains miniatures for sports-themed games・スポーツテーマのミニチュアが入っています。)

🔞= NSFW・18禁 (Contains designs that are NOT suitable for children under the age of 18・18歳未満の子供には適切ではないデザインが含まれています。)

Please be advised that for optimal viewing experience, it is recommended to access this content through a personal computer. Thank you for your understanding.


Science Fiction

Historical/Modern・歴史的 / 近代的

🏯Scenery/Other・テレイン / ジオラマ / 他の

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