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Hello World!

Website debut and plans for 2023

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“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”

~Douglas Adams

Hello there! This is the very first post of the official website and webstore for Cosmic Blade Games, an independent 3D printing services company based in southern Osaka, Japan.

First, a big THANK YOU to my friends in the local wargaming community.
Your continued support is not only a big help to my family, but helping to bring new change and new people into the hobby.
I look forward to working closely with all of you with the plans I have for the future!

Kevin Doyle, 11/21/2023

Plans you say? What sort of plans?

Yes, that’s right! With this first post, there are a number of things I have announcements for regarding CB Games (Cosmic Blade Games) BEFORE 2023 and relevant until mid January 2023.

First a list:

  1. The shop
  2. Other services
  3. Business limitations (until 2023)

1. The shop

The shop will stand as the primary catalogue for the majority of CB Games’ 3D printing services… with some exceptions but I’ll explain that in point number 2.

Cosmic Blade Games has a production partnership with another company “Red Shark Minis” based in the Los Angeles, California. Red Shark Minis has one of the largest license holdings of 3D sculpted designs for miniatures hobby, wargaming and tabletop gaming products and accessories on the internet.

Through this partnership, CB Games will build its product list from TENS OF THOUSANDS of designs… and that library of designs grows bigger EVERY DAY.

A good portion of the licenses for these designs are no longer obtainable and would otherwise rarely find their way to tabletops here in Japan with the cost of international shipping being as ridiculous as ever.

I am prepared to reveal a portion of the licenses CB Games will be producing from, STARTING TODAY (with regular updates until those licenses are covered) :

For highly detailed fantasy miniature designs.
Designed by Conquest Creations.
Realistic medieval terrain for use in historical and fantasy 25-28mm wargaming.
Dark Gods is creating wickedly detailed monsters, demons and visions of madness.
A wide variety of decorative bits for basing or accessorizing your miniatures. Also produces modular terrain kits and fantasy miniatures with a cute, goofy, cartoonish style. Great for kids!

…and MUCH more to come going into 2023!

Look for those announcements here and on social media!

2. Other services

NOW… as a lot of you are aware, until now, for the past year, before this website was being built, CB Games has worked primarily through 3D printer commission services.

You give me a file, I would price it, you would agree to the price and BAM you would get your order.

This will remain, but with changes and strict limitations.

  • Print commissions done in plastic will remain!
  • HOWEVER, print commissions done in resin are LIMITED TO PRE-SUPPORTED MODELS. Some exceptions will be made but not much until AFTER 1/2023.
  • I will continue to take commission orders through social media. See the “PRINTING SERVICES” page for an FAQ section and more details!
  • I will continue to provide cheap, custom sized bases for your hobby projects through commissions and the shop!

3. Business limitations (until 2023)

Until sometime after the New Years holidays of 2023, methods of payment for products in both the shop AND commission orders WILL BE LIMITED.

The available options until next year will be:

  1. Cash; for hand delivery or local pick up.
  2. Japanese bank transfer (振り込み).

Once 2023 rolls around, you will have numerous options for payment such as credit cards and other popular online payment services.


More products and licenses are coming! Let us know what you are looking for and I will provide the goods!